Process of Persecution

Does that make me immoral then,
That I don’t meet your expectations?
I’m not what you see.
Does that make me weaker than you,
That I’m not able to deal with my oppression?
I’m loathing my oppressor.
Does that make me unstable,
That I can’t handle your bickering?
I hate those that prefer to be heard.
Does it not satisfy you,
That I’m not leaping at your barking?
I don’t understand your badgering.
Does that make me immature then,
That I don’t do what you want me to?
I learn by God’s words and wisdom alone.
Does that make me too spiritual,
That I prefer to sit at his feet?
I’d rather learn compassion.
Does that frighten you now,
That I lean too much on God?
I trust the one that can guide me?
Do you loath me yet?
Have I answered your questions?
Deciding to die is not easy,
It takes faith and trust in God.
But not dying is a risk,
Because you latch onto what kills you.

Creative Commons License
Process of Persecution by Amber Johnson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


Published by Amber Johnson

I love writing and believe that it's therapeutic to me particularly poetry because I can really play with different techniques. I also love to share inspirational writings including food for thought and just odd ideas in my head but mainly poetry.

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