“Creatures of the Sea” Authors Explanation

This poem was written in January of 2010 it was originally given to me as inspiration for the “Fishers of Men” theme of my church of which I was serving at the time. It was to represent to concept of fishing in the deep and what deep sea life is like but metaphorically tying that to real people where the ocean/sea is the world and the different types of fish are different types of people.

“It’s Your Time”

During this time in my life I was going through a very rough time and in order for me to see my way out of that situation was to visualize myself already at victory. That is when I was inspired to write this poem it allowed me to picture myself as an overcomer. This poem was written a month after “In Darkness”

“In Darkness”

In September of 2010 I wrote this work because it became an expression of the challenges that I faced during that particular season of my life. Writing poetry is like therapy to me it allows me to put my feelings down on paper but in a more creative and constructive manner. This poem is one of my favorites because whenever I read it I remember where I was when I wrote and thank God for where I am now while reading it.

“Our Youth, Our Future”

I wrote this poem in my senior year of high school for a contest sponsored by the Sigma Gamma Rho sorority in which my poem won first place. The theme of the even was “Our Youth, Our Future” and in brainstorming for ideas regarding the approach to actually writing this poem I just decided to stick with the theme. I had my doubts about it because it did not rhyme like the traditional poem but I was attempting to change the way that I write poetry because it does not have to rhyme in order for it to be a poem.

“In Darkness (with alternative ending)”

I ultimately believe that this poem was originally unfinished and that it needed to be completed. So on April 28th, 2015 at midnight I decided to change it and loved the new ending.


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