The Pandemic and the Holidays

If this pandemic has taught anyone anything its that life brings unexpected challenges and while these challenges in typical environments may wield some undue stress this new environment and it’s restrictions have taken a toll on many. Mental health crises are at an all time high and now with the added stress of a traditionalContinue reading “The Pandemic and the Holidays”

Thoughts about Racism

Today I watched a video entitled “A Kids Play About Racism” (link below) it was a very eye opening skit about racism through the eyes of a biracial teenage boy and his responses to what’s going on around him. He talked about the interactions he had with those around him and how those encounters madeContinue reading “Thoughts about Racism”

Toxic People?

Over the last couple of months I have read various posts, seen memes, and even videos regarding toxic people and how to get ride of them. While I am no expert regarding the toxicity of an individual I do believe that everyone at some point in their life is toxic to someone else. I believeContinue reading “Toxic People?”

Writing to Vent

After doing research in writing, I found a lot of evidence supporting the fact that writing is a stress reliever especially when it comes to emotional distress and traumas. In the field of psychology this type of writing is called expressive writing. One of the reasons that writing about these experiences help the individual isContinue reading “Writing to Vent”