An Encounter with Jesus

When you see the name Jesus (jee-zhus) Christ or you hear someone say that name what is the first thing that pops into your mind. If you’ve never heard the name or anything about Jesus I hope that this blog brings you a bit of understanding and sparks your curiosity regarding Him. Jesus Christ isContinue reading “An Encounter with Jesus”


I did something a little adventurous today. Well at least for me it was adventurous. In this adventure I found something to ring out so true to me. That truth is that no matter how someone may judge you or what they may think about your action the only one that can determine the natureContinue reading “Grace”

Do you have wisdom?

Wisdom in Merriam Webster’s Dictionary is defined as good sense or most will say nowadays common sense. How do you obtain wisdom and where does it come from? Wisdom is not mere knowledge it is applied knowledge. It comes from God not the intelligence of men who can think things so wonderful but from GodContinue reading “Do you have wisdom?”

Covid and the Working Class Citizen

These have been the most awkward and challenging months of 2020. While in the middle of a pandemic there are still people risking their lives daily working in various industries that are considered essential to make sure that we have our necessities. Even though  lot of people are quarantining these individuals have never spent aContinue reading “Covid and the Working Class Citizen”

Thoughts about Racism

Today I watched a video entitled “A Kids Play About Racism” (link below) it was a very eye opening skit about racism through the eyes of a biracial teenage boy and his responses to what’s going on around him. He talked about the interactions he had with those around him and how those encounters madeContinue reading “Thoughts about Racism”

Toxic People?

Over the last couple of months I have read various posts, seen memes, and even videos regarding toxic people and how to get ride of them. While I am no expert regarding the toxicity of an individual I do believe that everyone at some point in their life is toxic to someone else. I believeContinue reading “Toxic People?”

Writing to Vent

After doing research in writing, I found a lot of evidence supporting the fact that writing is a stress reliever especially when it comes to emotional distress and traumas. In the field of psychology this type of writing is called expressive writing. One of the reasons that writing about these experiences help the individual isContinue reading “Writing to Vent”

The Mask-A-Rade

I have kept up this charade for long enough, And tired of pretending that I’m so tough. My life is no longer easy everything takes strength, And the will and power I no longer have. I’ve grown weary of my surroundings, They sift away what’s left. When will I learn that a mask is justContinue reading “The Mask-A-Rade”