Sacred Soldier: A Glimpse of Destiny

Traveling down a path unknown, So that you can seek the things that God has shown. And piece together your life anew, Settling for what’s right and true. To press your way toward eternal life, And resist the urge to stir up strife. The life you’ve chosen will bless you still, Even when your wrongsContinue reading “Sacred Soldier: A Glimpse of Destiny”

Destination Unknown (Dr. Change and Ms. Strange)

Floating between two extremes, The pressure to chose becomes unbearable. Do I have to decide now, Can I put it off once more? Fantasies of the future tickle my mind, They all tell me that I must decide. What do you want in life? Where do you want it to take you? Like tentacles theseContinue reading “Destination Unknown (Dr. Change and Ms. Strange)”

In Darkness (with alternative ending)

There is a darkness that encompasses my soul, Taking my triumphs and making them old. Placing me in uncomfortable positions, Attempting to destroy and sabotage my mission. Days of rest and peace are few, In this darkness my impatience brews. In this darkness I hear roars of lions, Instilling in me the fear of dying.Continue reading “In Darkness (with alternative ending)”

Creatures of the Sea

In the depth of the sea there are creatures who lurk. They’re not bass, or cod, or even perch. They have hearts of stone and glass they break, From love un-felt, unheard, and awake. They search in low places looking for dreams, Unheard of, unseen, not even thought of it seems. Hope they have none,Continue reading “Creatures of the Sea”