Learning to Rise

Learning to Rise

Over my twenty seven years of life I have learned a lot about the people around me and just how valuable they are to me. These people provide for me a support that I can’t always give myself and their support however expressed never goes unnoticed. I am an extremely grateful person to have encountered them on my journey through life. Because of them and the support given to me I was able to survive the most troubling parts of my life. I believe that when we are in need of them that God supplies us with the right people that we need to make it through whatever we face that might be unbearable to us at the time. Their support and their care allows us to push past what we are going through and see the bigger picture not just the immediate struggle.

I have learned that while I am facing something or going through it that it is almost impossible for me to make complete sense of my situation because I know that those situations act like fog to my mind hindering my vision making it hard to see ahead of me. What these individuals provide during these struggles is another pair of eyes that assist me in continuing on my journey through life. I may not always be the happiest person around but I understand and always know what is important to me and that is the love and care of people that love and care for me even when I’m not always pleasant to be around.

After discovering the value of people around me I began to seek out the people that would help to provide me that strength that I needed to continue on my journey. That is when I started to be amazed at just how much God cared about me. Just knowing that he would provide me with a person to confide in and share with  was absolutely amazing to me and it took me a while to actually realize this because sometimes I didn’t feel like I was the most likable person at times. However these individual showed me love despite my flaws and unlovable approach.

I just want to say thank you. I love you and appreciate the role that you played in my growth and overall in my life. Your deeds did not go unnoticed.

Things or Techniques I use in difficult situations


There are a lot of things that I use to help me through difficult situations they all stem from my faith in God. One of those is listening to Christian music. I am a major music fan and anything that helps to boost my faith and put my mind back in a state of peace I use it so that the goodness of the Lord will continue to be on my mind. This also keeps his promises toward me and my life fresh on my heart.

Another “go to” is listening to messages that inspire me and put a smile on my face such as messages from my favorite speaker or comical videos about cats. However the majority are from my favorite speakers like my pastor and other spiritual leaders as well as those that are known for giving great advice with results of changes occurring in peoples’ lives.

Another great thing is actually having my own bible study time in the morning and at night I have a personal bible study which helps me to keep my mind focused on God’s promises and stay strong in faith. I believe that these are the reasons why I’ve been making through this trying time and just the sheer fact that no matter what happens in my life I know that God covers me and protects me.


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